Getting to know Maputo: Inhaca Island


Sunday has turned in to our “beach day”. Normally we head to Macaneta Beach (just north of Maputo), but today we went on a new adventure to Inhaca Island.


I won’t waste much time with words on this post–the pictures will do this magical place better justice than my descriptions.


Inhaca Island is less than an hour across Maputo Bay by motorboat. When we arrived at 9 am this morning, we were the only ones at this beautiful beach reserve.


A coral reef lines the coast and is a perfect location for snorkeling. We spotted several large schools of fish, saw a stone fish (so strange!), and even glimpsed a dolphin! The current was quite strong around the reef though so we had to be careful not to get swept away.


As midday drew closer, other boats slowly docked along the shore and the beach gradually became more populated by small groups of people. The tide receded, exposing more of the coral.




We left shortly after noon, when the tide was low, and headed for lunch at a nearby beach bar for some grilled prawns, redfish and lobster.


Our boat ride back at high tide was quite choppy, but that didn’t stop our son from falling asleep in my lap. 🙂

We keep discovering places of breathtaking beauty in and around Maputo, and today might have been my favorite spot yet!

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