36 Hours in Lisbon

“Why only 36 hours?” you might wonder…

Well, on our way to our new home in Maputo, Mozambique, my family and I decided to take an extended layover in Lisbon, Portugal (because who wants to do two back-to-back flights with a toddler??!). With only a short time in this gorgeous city, we had to limit our visit to a few select spots and relied heavily on recommendations from friends who had lived here or visited the city before.

So, what can you do in Lisbon for 36 hours?

First off, we were extremely lucky to have found accommodations located in Baixa, right around the corner from the Igreja de Santo Antonio, which put us within walking distance of many great spots.

Iconic trolleys
Pretty tiled building–Lisbon is famous for these ceramic tiles!
In the Rua Augusta
Rua Augusta, with the Arco da Rua Augusta in the background

We had a long lunch in the cobblestone pedestrian zone running parallel to Rua Augusta. I had heard Lisbon is a foodie city and it certainly lived up to its reputation!

Getting our son to appreciate one of life’s many pleasures: CHEESE!

After taking the edge off of our jet lag with a family nap, we took a late afternoon stroll along the Rua Augusto Rosa through Alfama to the pretty overlook (Miradouro de Santa Luzia). The light was beautiful at this time of day and the buildings were cast in a soft pink glow from the setting sun.

We paid an obligatory visit to the Castelo de São Jorge, and then made our way back down the hill to our neighborhood. Exhausted from our travel the night before and realizing that we had waited too long to beat the dinner crowd, we got takeout pizza and called it a night!

Castelo de São Jorge

The next day we had a relaxing brunch and then made our way to Belém to visit the famous pastry shop (YUM!!), see the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, and get a glimpse of the tower.

Inside the famous Belém pastry shop
The Belém pasty shop from the outside
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, from the inside
Torre de Belém

By then our time was already running out, so we had to make our way back to the hotel. One last stop for some Portuguese charcuterie as an afternoon snack and we were off to the airport…

Cheese + chubby hands, take 2

Of course, a day and a half is barely any time whatsoever to get to know a city–but if anything became clear, it was that we will have to return with more time on our hands! I loved the Mediterranean flair to this city–and it was a bit rougher around the edges than many other European cities I have been to, which reminded me a bit of Brazil.

Até a próxima vez, Lisboa!

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